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Meditation is a simple yet healthy practice that promotes balance in life. there is some confusion about what meditation is, and can conjure up  images of air and mystery and sitting for hours with crossed legs dressed in kaftans and hippy head scarves to mention a few. (although if you so wish to do so that is your choice :)). Meditation is simply a technique to be able to give the mind a rest and to attain a state of consciousness completely different to that of a normal waking state.. Stillness of the mind is something that would benefit us all. In our ever busy world it is too much mind chatter and it is difficult to switch off.. Many people turn to meditation to help them combat stress, and it works beautifully , and people can feel the difference alomost immediately. Meditation allows the mind to become released from agitation and to open up the individual to feelings of calmness and inner peace and a sense of serenity.


Meditation reduces:





Heart & brain problems

Blood pressure etc.



Meditation increases:



Inner strength



Clarity of mind.





Mindfulness is a simple yet powerful practice that can be introduced into your daily life  that can help to break the non stop cycle of stress, anxiety, exhaustion & unhappiness. Mindfulness is the key to overcoming suffering & recognising natural wisdom: both our own & others'.


Mindfulness is a practice that can bring about a powerful influence to your health & wellbeing. Mindfulness involves around meditations. Mindfulness meditations are beautiful & simple and can easily be fitted in to the busiest of lives. 


Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to give a wide range of benefits and one very important factor is that it aids stress reduction ; this factor in itself can bring far reaching healing benefits. Although it would deem impossible to escape completely from the stresses & strains of our ever frantic life, understanding & using a mindfulness approach can bring about peacefulness & pleasure into the present. To stop constant worry about the future hanging on to the past , but enjoying and feeling the wonders of the right now. Mindfulness is a journey of self-discovery & using meditation practises teaches us how we can gradually peel back the layers which we have built up of stress & anxiety.Instead of negative thoughts or behaviours dictating your life , mindfulness helps you to recognise when you need other qualities such as kindness or mental clarity.




Lowers stress.

Lets us get to know our true selves.

It changes the brain in a proactive way.

Increases our ability to feel empathy and benevolence for others.

Increases attention span and focus.

Enhances creativity.

Reduces feelings of lonliness.






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