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So a little about myself and how I became a Holistic Practitioner.


For several years I  worked  as a nurse, and although I loved nursing I always thought that there was something  still missing in my vocation. My marriage had broken up and so I thought time for a career change for a while. I decided to take a degree in psychology as a mature student. Pschology had always interested me and  I thought that when qualified I could further my career by incorporating my nursing with  psychology. 


 I loved the pschology  course and I also found love of the human kind. I took my finals five months pregnant...amazed to be pregnant as I had endured months of fertility treaments whilst married, and had come to the conclusion a prenancy was not possible.


Over the next eight years we had five beautiful children !!! My career was put on hold as I was a very busy but contented mum. When my youngest daughter started school I met a fellow mum and we started chatting and I mentioned that now my youngest had started school I now had a tiny slot of no children, for a scarce few hours, and how much I could cram in . She  mentioned that I should have a reiki treatment, some time for myself. I remember saying I could not possibly do that I had so much to do. However, she persuaded me to have a was wonderful and I knew I had to find out more about Reiki, and so I began my journey. That initial Reiki treatment amazed me, and I knew I had found that missing part of me that needed to be fulfilled. Over the next few years I took my Reiki One, Reiki Two and my Reiki Master/Teacher. I also followed this with Reiki Drum Master Practitioner and also wanted to learn more about other Holistic Therapies. I have since become a practitioner in Indian Head Massage, Reflexology,Aromatherapy, C.B.T, M.B.C.T, Counselling and Hypnotherapy. This has been a wonderful journey and inspiring. I have met many wonderful people on this journey and will continue to do so. So, please( if you have not yet done so) indulge and enjoy one ( or more!) of the beautiful therapies that I practice.



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Reiki (pronounced ray-key)  is a simple yet profound system of natural healing for body and mind, which was developed by Dr Mikao Usui. The word Reiki itself means "Universal Life Force Energy". Reiki concentrates on the channelling of positive energy to promote the well being of the body and mind. It can cause no harm since its existence is only that of a healing energy.


A Reiki Practitioner has been attuned to Reiki and is a channel through which the energy can pass. Reiki is drawn by the person receiving it and not given by the Reiki Practitioner.


The Reiki Practitioner channels this life energy through his or her hands to the recipient and it activates the body's natural ability to heal itself. It is the aim of every Reiki treatment to channel Reiki to all parts of the body. In this way the energy works to bring balance and healing to whole person.


Reiki is non-intrusive, it does not require the recipient to remove clothes and there is no pressure applied to the body.   The practitioner works intuitively and gently applies hands on or over areas of the head and body that energy is felt to be needed. This is particularly useful for treating conditions where touching the body may be painful.


Reiki is a holistic way of treating many acute and chronic conditions, and brings about spiritual,mental, emotional and physical well being. Reiki is suitable for everyone age is not an issue. 


Reiki is not used as a substitute for orthodox medicine, but can compliment and increase the effectiveness of most kinds of medication and other forms of treatment.


Treatments can be given with the client lying down on a couch or if this is not possible treatments can be given with the client sitting on a chair.


Treatments can be given at Reiki Healing or in ones own home.


Ann Stocks BSc hons (psych)

Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner

Reiki Drum Master Practitioner


Dip Indian Head Massage


Aromatherapy Diploma

Naturopath Nutrition Diploma

Diploma Mindfulness

Diploma Counselling

Diploma Meditation

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma

T'ai Chi Diploma

Tarot Diploma

Crystal Healing Diploma

Member I.C.H.M   I.I.C.T    I.A.N.L.P.C   I.A.H.T


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